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          Dungeon Terapya Milano           Enjoy The Dungeon Terapya

           Dungeon Terapya SM club BDSM n.1 in Milan Italy,              hourly rentals, mistresses, master on demand. The One

Dungeon sadomaso Milano. LO STUDIO RIMARRA' CHIUSO DAL GIORNO 16 MAGGIO E RIAPRIRA' IL 23 MAGGIO ALLE ORE 10,00. Dungeon Terapya club BDSM affitti a ore-giornate per spazi privati n.1 a Milano, insonorizzato, attrezzatissimo, privacy totale, attrezzi moderni e storici inediti per pratiche private in zona v.Cadore per coppie, amici, mini eventi privati, su richiesta master o mistress varie per sessioni individuali(visibili nelle foto), e' SOLO in zona v.Cadore Milano. ATTREZZATURE: elencate nella sezione "Il Dungeon". PRENOTAZIONI SOLO TELEFONICHE, NO SMS, INFO nella sezione "Il Dungeon" e "Contatti Info" nelle pagine seguenti(no mail). AFFITTO, INFO e COSTI( x 2 persone): 2 ore 30 min: 50 euro, ogni ora extra: 30 eu, PROMO: 1 mese-4 ingressi da 2 ore 30 min: 150 euro. NO TESSERE, NO DOCUMENTI, NO CARTE DI CREDITO. Info: nella sezione "costi attrezzi" e in "contatti". NO sms, NO servizi privati -foto di mistress, NO anonimi, no perditempo. LEGGERE INFO PRIMA DI TELEFONARE, PER PRENOTARE TELEFONA AL NUMERO INDICATO, NO MAIL. Diffida di Dungeon che imitano questo nome. CONTATTI: (+39)389.0686054

OPINIONS. Dungeon Terapya Bdsm Milan, Italy. (Steven N.Y). "This Dungeon is completely unique. There is more equipment than j have even seen before, it's also really good quality and some of it very sophisticated. You need spend at least two hours there to have a chance of experiencing many different situations, everything is very clean and the facilities are good. Mistress K-It is very imaginative and great fun.. u will never forget meeting Her! Recommend this Dungeon Terapya, Not To Be Missed "(Steven N.Y).

Dungeon Terapya BDSM Milan Italy. Private Hire or SM with mistresses-master on demand, enjoy your Playroom BDSM owned by K-IT mistress, a subterranean Play Space n.1 in the heart of Milan. The Crypta Terapya is available as private play space to Hire for couples, friends, master, events, parties.(hrs 10am-10pm), an ancient SM Studio private and secure, 2 rooms, area medical included, air-conditioned, absolute privacy, private entrance, historical athmosfere, minibar free, bathroom+shower, absolute privacy. Rate: 2 hrs  euro, extra hour: euro. OPEN: hrs 10am-10pm. EQUIPMENT: full equipped, furniture BDSM: Table Rack stretching+ double pillory-tickling, Throne-fucking machine + masturbator-man included(only with mistress K.), suspension frame-2 slings, hand restraints suspension, isolation box, Sarcophagus-bondage mummification, gibbet cage, medieval pillory, gyno chair, slave's chairs, iron head cage, pile SM, ancient St.Andrew's double cross, sex swing, ropes, restraints-SM, whips-paddles, medieval shackles, hoods and masks, handcuffs and more. READ MORE in "contact-price"-section). PARKING: free or private parking in Bergamo street 5 min away. We are 15 min from Linate Airport, 10 min from the center Duomo zone, in center Milano. READ MORE: "INFO, PRICES, MAP, CONTACT MAIL" on page: "Contact-Prices". Prices: 2 hrs: 50 euro, extra hour: 30 eu.                                             DON'T MISS: 210 Xtreme BDSM-CBT-fetish clips! :                            CONTACT BY MAIL:              CALL:(+39)389.0686054                                

Dungeon Terapya BDSM Milan Italy. YOUR LIFESTYLE STARTS HERE! Enjoy the unique Dungeon Rack BDSM in center Milan Italy, hourly rentals, parties or private BDSM with mistress K-IT., mistresses or master G.(master G. for men) on demand. Indulge in SM Crypta Rack Terapya for Hire to adult and couples available 7/7: hrs: 10am/22pm for exclusive rentals, 2 separate rooms soundproofed, medical-room, BDSM furniture, very atmospheric, very private and discreet. BDSM furniture, Rack stretching+ pillory, shameful and corporal punishments, Amsterdam box, medieval Throne-fucking-machine-masturbator included, suspension, Gibbet cage, Sarcophagus-Bondage, pillory, gyno medieval-chair-fuck bench, slave's chairs, spanking horse, sex swing, medical area, CBT chair, double cross, whipping-crosses (full access to: whips, ropes, hand-cuffs, shackles, arms-constrictor, straight-jacket, gas masks ecc), minibar free. INFO on: "Il Dungeon" and "Contact- Prices pages. No under 18 y.o. OPEN daily: 10am-10pm hour, 7/7. Advanced booking are preferred and recommended. CONTACT MAIL: